Yes Day!

{repost from 6/2021}

“O God, Who hast prepared for them that love Thee good things unseen: pour into our hearts such love toward Thee, that, loving Thee in and above all, we may obtain Thy promises, which exceed all that we can desire.”
Collect, 5th Sunday after Pentecost

As I walked into the church this morning I was taken back to all my favorite places. Hawaii with my babies. Puerto Rico with hot husband. The little chapel churches and the smell of the heat and the wafting of the fans and Jesus. It’s quite hot in our part of the country (well, not for me, it’s perf) and my little heart is pitter-pattering for all the things it most desires. Namely, what I just listed above.

And it’s still the month of the Sacred Heart and I still put my heart in His and ask Him to give me His own instead – so that my desires are resting in His heart and His heart is directing all I do.

Today is “Yes Day” in our house. The day once a year (maybe more that would be fun) mom says “yes” to everything. (Minus anything immoral, illegal, destructive or more than $10 a person…I guess where’s the fun in that tho?!) And so the kids are enjoying too much Nintendo and pizza and marshmallows and probably Dairy Queen later.

How beautiful it is to say “yes.” Not “maybe,” not “we’ll see.” But Yes.

How often does God say “almost, not yet.” Or “just be patient.” And we trust Him.

But someday it will be “Yes, my daughter. Yes.”

And His Yes will exceed all I can desire.

It will exceed what my own heart wants, it be will the good things unseen. The things I trust are waiting, the hundred-fold for all the offerings I’ve made in faith. So that in my works of loving God, my faith will reap a beautiful reward. The reward of God Himself.

The kids keep coming up to me and saying, “I don’t know what to ask for!!”

Oh goodness, me too, babies!

I don’t know what to ask God for! I know all my heart wants but only He knows what will actually fill it.

So I offer them suggestions of things they wouldn’t have thought (hashtag Dairy Queen) and I am reminded God is preparing things I, too, can’t even dream of.

Maybe not here, but definitely for all eternity.

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