Watch Out World!

{repost from 7/2021}

In chatting with a few people lately I’ve heard the same response, “you seem different. Lighter. Happier.”

And it’s true.

Whether it’s origin is sun, hope, dance parties, respite, or grace, an infusion of excitement has been poured upon my mind and heart.

A cloud has been lifted.

I’m not naive enough to think I’m done grieving. That’s not how life works. But I am smart enough to know that grief and joy can coexist in the same being. That having joy takes nothing away from my love for Michael, in fact it rejoices in it. For to have joy means there was goodness to build upon. And there was so much goodness to build upon. To have joy means healing is occurring, so much healing.

And as I keep walking into my future I keep my eye on the present, and I am emerging from a shell of brokenness into an essence of wholeness I haven’t experienced in a long time. Maybe ever. And I rejoice in the goodness of a good God who bestows such gifts upon His beloved! That He would infuse me with such joy!

Living day by day, it was often enough to simply survive. Now I’m excited to start planning things again. I’m excited to start playing.

Play is something I’ve wanted to have in my life but haven’t had space for it, so in creating space (hiring some things out this summer) and in embracing healing, I now have room in my day and in my heart for play.

Play is so important! Dance parties in the grocery store (sorry kids). Getting muddy with the pup. Killing everyone at Catan. Laughing with the bestie (aka hot mama) over a bottle of bubbly and subsequently binge watching alltheshows I’ve missed out on this past year. (I mean, champagne is play right??)

So, watch out world!

This mama is ready and rearing to play! With her kids. With her friends. With new adventures. With life.

She is ready to explore new horizons, to laugh in the face of the future, and to dance upon the wings of faith, hope, and love.

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