Veiled in Beauty

Imagine getting to feel just as beautiful as on your wedding day. Walking down the aisle, veiled in lace towards your bridegroom.

Now imagine getting to experience this weekly…or more.

I’ve spoken before about my experience with veiling at Mass but a particular nuance just struck me not long ago: that I feel most beautiful when I am wearing a veil. Put that right up there with my wedding day and being pregnant, why don’t we.

When I don my lace for the liturgy, my senses are heightened to what is to come. When I place a veil upon my head, I am humbled and reminded that life – especially the Mass – is not about me. When I lower my head covering and walk into the church where even the priest has his back to me I am not only lowered in my heart but elevated to see Him. No longer seeing myself….only Him.

When I decided to veil it was a question of whether an external act could affect my internal spiritual life. My soul felt like it was dying. And I was searching. Even amidst Sacraments and grace, I was still searching. And when I first put the veil over my hair, I found what I was looking for: the turning of my inward eyes from the self to God.

So, yes…external acts *do* affect our internal being. We cannot divorce the body from the soul. And my own faith, my life as a woman and a mother, has been transformed simply by the act of veiling.

Plus, it’s nice to feel beautiful, isn’t it?

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