To Do and To Suffer

{repost from 11/1/2020}

“All the science of the saints is included in these two things: to do and to suffer. And whoever has done these two things best has made himself most saintly.” St. Francis de Sales.

We are doing and we are suffering. We are not saints but we are a family who keeps rising from the ashes day in and day out. Who, as Church Militant, lay in the trenches of apparent defeat and yet crawl…then walk…then run out in battle as soldiers who know that the war is won, as Christians who know that the saints we celebrate today are our example of how to live in order to be made into one of the elect.

St. Teresa of Avila said that the worst suffering on earth will, once we reach heaven, seem like a night at a bad hotel. That is the prize we lay ourselves on the altar for: the eternal crown of glory. The crown purchased by Christ and received through our asking of forgiveness and the crown only received if we continue on in and die in a state of grace. The crown so easily lost through the temptations of the world. The crown we give everything for because nothing we’ve tasted here even comes close. Nothing I’ve tasted even comes close.

And so, through the tears and sometimes laughter, through the sorrow and the joy, we praise Jesus for all He sends us – especially the sufferings. We praise him for the humiliations. We praise Him for the detachment of all things but Him. Because, in return, we receive an eternal crown that can never be taken, all our longings and desires fulfilled. Eye has not seen, ear has not heard what God has in store for those who love Him…For those who simply suffer and do His will.

On this Feast of All Saints, may all the Saints surrounding the throne of our God praise Him in our place and pray for us unceasingly.

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