The small and the beautiful

{repost from 6/2021}

Sure life is big and heavy but it’s also small and beautiful.

This liturgical rhythm of fasting and feasting, dying and rising. Woven into each one of us.

I’ve learned that the small and beautiful is something to cherish. I see those moments more clearly now. Day by day, the letting go and detaching followed by freedom and tranquility.

Standing on the water, in the eye of a hurricane.

No, actually, walking on water. Hoping I don’t ever doubt and sink.

I just wanted to wish you a beautiful Saturday. Step outside (it’s not raining here so I will be BASKING in all those rays hashtag tan) and smell the hope of summer and relish in the sounds of normalcy and hug your kids and love your spouse with everything and enjoy puppy kisses.

Oh, maybe just me with that last one.

Oh, Oh! And read Psalm 20.

(The Douay-Rheims version…the Bible comes alive in this translation. So much so that my daughter said she felt as if she were reading these lines for the first time. Otherwise it’s Psalm 21 in other translations.)

Psalm 20 has been chasing me. Especially those first 5 lines.

I’m legit going to print it out and tape it on my wall.

Anyway, happy Saturday. May your day be full of the small and the beautiful.

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