The greater the resurrection

{repost from 2/2021}

I know I talk a lot about suffering and the darkness of life (cause that’s just the state of life I’m in) but there’s also an intentionality to bringing these truths to the light.

The first is this: the deeper the suffering, the greater the resurrection.

Nothing myself or my family has endured is in vain. When united to Jesus and His cross, it will bear fruit. When suffered outside of that, a branch separate from it’s Vine, it bears nothing. Suffering endured for nothing?? No thank you. But I truly believe that every cry to the Lord, everything offered to Him, and especially every unanswered prayer will be a golden diadem in the eternal crown along with the manifestations of great miracles here on earth. You will see myself and my children rise in glory from these ashes. We are giving God the space to be God and He sure loves a good resurrection story.

The second is this: the only way to heaven is the Way of the Cross.

Jesus said so Himself. The road is narrow and those who make it are few. Oh, dear Jesus I pray all souls make it to the home we were all created for, but biblically we know He will separate the weeds from the wheat. Yes, the way to heaven is revealed but, as St. Paul says, we work out our salvation in fear and trembling. This isn’t some fire and brimstone, but a truth revealed to me after Michael’s death: that not all souls choose heaven and many of us who think we are choosing heaven are in fact choosing the opposite.

God is love. And God’s love is a purifying fire. Whether this fire brings ecstasy (heaven) or pain (hell) is up to us.

The path Michael and I and our kids are on is the way God decided we needed to get to heaven. And I know everyone has hardships and those hardships are your way, too. These hardships are the seeds of your own resurrection to come.

When trial after trial came in our life I kept asking what we were doing wrong. Sure, we deserved everything as mere sinners. But now I see it all in a different light. For these were and are the gifts God is using to create the beams of the cross that we are carrying to our own Easter Sunday.

Resurrection now and to come. The narrow way.

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