{repost from feast of Michaelmas 9/29/2021}


Other than Christmas and Easter this is is greatest feast day for our little family, the feast of Michaelmas.

The Feast of Michael, the Archangel.

A day pretty much ordained for us.

Michael miraculously woke from surgery on this day, two years ago. Um, his name: Michael Mauss. On the feast of Michaelmas?? What are the odds.

Avila’s confirmation saint, St. Michael.

And this great Archangel reminds us each day that no matter what happens to us, SERVIAM!


As pride threatens to take the place of abandonment, especially in the darkness and suffering, we prostrate ourselves in confusion and say, WE WILL SERVE.

As the war rages on within and without the walls of our home, and promises of security are offered in place of free will, we reject safety and instead throw ourselves into the trenches, saying, WE WILL SERVE.

As our earthly father and husband has taken his heavenly role, we turn to the other Michael to protect us, St. Michael. And we know he will now watch over us and, with him, we bow before the Lord and say, WE WILL SERVE.

Oddly enough, the kids and I are finishing a 54 day Rosary Novena today. Each of us for different intentions. We started it randomly August 5, the day after our anniversary and providentially it ends today.

Meaning: the power we wield with the arms of heaven are too great to comprehend. With humility and trust, with joy and courage we shout from the depths of our hearts: TO THE END, SERVIAM!!

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  1. Catherine on November 22, 2021 at 7:29 pm

    Love this!

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