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That’s how quickly things changed.

Our own September 11 occurring on Friday the 13th. 9:29 our life was normal. 9:30 everything collapsed.

The walls of brain tumors closing in. Walls we never knew were built around us.

Walls that crushed his body. Walls that kept the adopted baby out. Walls that kept us trapped inside hospitals and declining bodies. Walls that killed his job. Walls that took his life.

After the walls of brain tumors were buried with his body, we started rebuilding. Fortresses of support and healing.

The fragility of this life, the walls. The foundation steady and sure because it is built upon Him.

You might have walls pressing in on all sides. You might have normal today and collapse tomorrow. Or in 10 years.

But I want to tell you this.

It will be OK.

You might not want OK. You might only want things the way they were. I wanted that so much, too. Often I still do.

But the courage will grow. You will find strength you never thought you could posses. You will find peace in things once looked at in disgust. You will both hold the grief of what once was and the hope of what is, what could be, at the same time.

And not only will it be OK, it will be meritorious. The eternal cup overflowing, ready to be poured upon you in His anointed time.

You find will that the narrow way is paved with gold. Gold in graces lining the steps now, actual gold later.

Two years ago I had no idea our lives would implode. The protection of not knowing the future is the greatest gift God gives us. Two years ago the bomb was only ticking.

Now that the bomb has exploded and the aftermath settled, I can see with new eyes. Still as though through a dim glass, but clearer eyes nevertheless.

And I see beauty. I see growth from the ashes. I see life. I see gifts. I see offerings taken and made perfect by Him and I see Him smiling and I see beyond today, beyond this life even.

I want you to know it will be OK. Foundation strong, eyes on Him, courage, humility, fortitude, long suffering, meekness, and more will be your ladder out of the mire that is collapse into the knowing that a new masterpiece is being rebuilt.

It will be OK.

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