On needing people

{repost from 8/2021}

So, I am alone however I do very little on my own.

And having a tribe around me has been a great means of growth in healing, discerning, and forging through this journey of life.

I just got off a call with my (Catholic) therapist, right before my Mexico City pilgrimage zoom call. I just started chatting with her again a couple months ago (thank you for the sweet reminder, dear Aunt S!) and what amazing fruits have poured forth in my life from our conversations. She takes what I say and what I’m experiencing and offers me an objective perspective, gentle advice, and challenging encouragement.

A couple weeks ago I had a powerful confession experience. My confessor gave me a recommendation that I would never have thought of in a million years. And immense healing flowed.

I go on walks with a girlfriend quite often. We chat about life.

I have two amazing sisters I can bounce life off of and share the cross.

I have parents who support me no matter what.

I have a bestie who loves margaritas and bubbly just as much as me and who literally carried me through this past year (and more). And who shares a similar worldview and who calls me out when I shop too much lol.

I have Saints that I can read and relate to. Who, when I have an experience come to the surface, I can read their writings and see they felt the exact same thing.

I have a husband in heaven I can place our life into, asking him to continue providing.

I have a God who I can fall into the arms of.

I have a Blessed Mother who walked this journey a thousand times over and can show me the way.

And there are more. And you know who you are.

Sure, I am capable of a lot. It’s both a grace and a strength. But I also haven’t lost sight that I desperately need people. And that people can offer me oftentimes more than I can offer myself.

I know not everyone has sisters and besties and good therapists. But we all need people.

Who have been some of the most helpful people in your own life??

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