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Many of you never met my late husband. You don’t know who he was as a person, as a dad, as a husband. And that’s normal life, none of us knows everything about everyone.

But one thing he was, even before I met him, was an incredible man.

And that was because he was formed by incredible men.

His dad (requiescat en pace). His high school football coaches. His college coach and teammates.

In 1999 Michael was a starting linebacker for the D3 Pacific Lutheran University championship football game, a game they won. I have his ring on our dresser. But that team was more than great players and a football coach with the most college wins at the time. It was a team of Christ centered men desiring to become Christ centered husbands and fathers. Men who would shepherd their families to heaven.

(And Michael tried to get everyone to go to Mass all the time and I still love hearing all the stories these guys tell me…)

This weekend we gathered with some of his buddies and their wives and families for an annual reunion of sorts. Dog Patch Olympics, Afterglows, fellowship, memories, Attaways.

And a glaring hole without him there.

And yet the legacy lives on.

The legacy lives on in how these men and their families held us when he was sick. How some of his friends, a couple in particular, would come and be with him so I could head to Mass. They would help him use the bathroom and figure out what crazy adventures he was trying to go on, and they even brought me flowers, from him.

The legacy of men learning life on a football field translated to giving their lives for one another.

The legacy of men dropping everything to be there.

The legacy of men who are like Christ.

I couldn’t wait until Michael would coach our boys. He spent 7 years coaching Varisty HS football when we first married and the plan was to coach our boys once they hit high school. He got in one season of flag football before he was diagnosed.

But the legacy will still live on.

For while he couldn’t coach them on the field, he coached his boys on how to love through suffering. And how to follow the Lord into eternity.

Hey, Michael! Go Michael! Attaway. Attaway!

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