Let God be God

{repost from 7/2021}

“In this world you will have much trouble but take heart, I have overcome the world!” John 16:33

When you lose your husband, everything else seems easy. When you have stared death and evil in the eyes, you know how to face it. You know how powerless and weak it actually is.

You know that God brings good out of everything.


Even evil.

Especially evil.

In light of yesterday’s news regarding the motu propio and new restrictions of the Traditional Latin Mass, we have much to mourn.

And yet, we should never lose our peace at all costs.

Nothing should disturb us. Nothing should frighten us. For when all seems lost (and we’re not even quite there yet), especially when all seems lost, is when God can be God.

Perhaps God is allowing this as a chastisement. (Is everyone fasting and praying? No? Then we are at fault, too.) Perhaps He’s allowing it to show that no matter what happens, even an eclipse of the Church, that the Church will never be fully extinguished. The gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Perhaps He’s allowing it as a set up to intervene in a way that could ONLY BE GOD.

I mean, how little faith we have when we get in a tizzy?

Don’t we all understand, and have countless Biblical accounts of, that God is a God of omnipotence, of waiting until the moment of complete and utter human nothingness that salvation could only come from Him?

He likes to be God. Let us let Him be God!

How little faith we have when we think the clockwork of this world relies on us. That we have more wisdom than Him. We must be willing to suffer, maintain our peace, and trust fully in Him and leave the rest to God.

After hearing and mourning the news, my resolve doubled. My fire, relit. My desire for Mass, increased. My strength, expanded.

And I know many others who felt the same. Who will become holier because of yesterday’s news.

Evil happens. We face it. We are strengthened and grow in holiness. Good from evil.

And don’t we know that when the stage of martyrdom occurs, the new springtime is around the corner? That the blood of the martyrs (through death or immense suffering) is the seed of the church?

Be the martyr. Let God be God!

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