Happy Anniversary, my love

{repost from 8/4/2021}


Mirror of the divine love.

Forged through fire.


Did you know gold is heated to the point of being melted and lost and just at the right moment is pulled out of the fire? And when the metalsmith can see his face reflecting off the surface he knows it’s done?

Gold is the modern gift of 14 years.

We made it 14 years.

And then he called Michael home just a couple weeks later.

We must’ve been a complete reflection of Him.

Oh my dear friends I wish I could tell you of our story. It was not a fairy tale. Or maybe it was. There were indeed demons and dragons. Things that threatened to swallow us whole. Things that drove us apart. Things that bubbled beneath the surface (like brain tumors) and we had no idea they were there and there were times we almost didn’t make it.

And then we were broken, body and soul. Laid waste in the emptiness that is cancer. Melted back together in the charity that is self sacrifice.

I remember looking at him and saying our vows and thinking, “I mean every single word. Every single thing I am saying.”

And the life happened. And we loved each other imperfectly, through darkness and light, for 14 years. Not 15, like today should’ve been. But 14.

Richer or poorer. In good times and bad. In sickness and in health. Till death do us part.

Our love continues to resound off the wall of this earth and the next. Because it was a choice. When feelings and bodies were gone, the choice was still there. And the choice and charity produced the deepest of loves – greater than anything else I knew.

In giving every single part of me to him, I was changed. In giving his life for his family, he was led to his real home, to his eternal Spouse.

Michaels now gets to partake in what he was created for. I get to now take our love and create ever greater love until my own days are done.

Both of us living Agape, on either side of the veil.

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