Be not afraid!

{repost from 9/2021}

I get asked the question often, “are you worried about your kids?”

It’s a valid question in light of the instability of our current age.

(Honestly I think we’re coming out of a period of false stability and into what most humans faced in varying degrees in prior history, but that’s for a different day.)

And my answer to that question is an unequivocal, “no.”

Nope, not afraid. Not for me. Not for them.

Not because I think they’ll avoid any more suffering. But rather because I see how they are being equipped. I see their detachment. I see how they’ve suffered and suffered well. I see how they already faced dad’s job loss and dad sick and dad dying. And so many other things.

I see them at jujitsu learning how to defend themselves. I see them learning logic, seeing the world through reason not emotion. I see them serving at Mass and going to Confession. Praying the Rosary on their own. My boys taking cold showers on their own volition. My girls finally wearing their scapulars.

This isn’t to brag about my kids. But to show you that we *can* prepare them, however incomplete it may look.

First of all through our own example. My kids see my own detachment and how I’ve taken this suffering and made it an offering. I also don’t shy away from letting my kids feel pain, rather I let them feel it and then aid them through it’s enduring. Their dad dying did for them what it did for me: detach us from this world. And everyday I ask God to help me parent them, to give them the graces they need.

We watch Lord of the Rings and talk about what we we would do in all those situations. We have family dinners each night and ponder the workings of the world. I tell them whatever news they need to hear to both not be afraid and also be prepared. I can’t get into all the nuances of what we do, but I can say that if you pray for wisdom, ask for all the graces like courage and everything else, and foster the truth that our children are not our own (they belong to God), you will be given everything you need to equip them.

So, no, I’m not worried about them. They are ready for death. They dream of the world to come. And they know that the road to get there is the narrow way of the cross.

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