All Saints

{repost from 11/1/2021}

From tots and ham to solemnities.

All Saints.

Thanking God for those who have gone before, who now worship at His throne. Celebrating *all* the saints today, those we know and those we don’t.

I don’t have much to say today. We went to Mass, stopped to pick up some flowers to spruce up Michael’s grave for tomorrow’s Mass at the cemetery, and now I’m back home to make some bouquets…a new favorite pastime of mine. I always catch the florists off guard when they ask what all the beautiful flowers are for and I say, “my late husband’s grave…”

I feel so close to him these days. I know many people don’t like to talk about death but death is the only thing that separates him and I. I live and breathe death. I meditate upon it often. I practice my last words. I even had a dream about dying the other week. It was glorious (not in a suicidal sense so don’t report me) but in the sense that I was fading from my pilgrimage and entering the unimaginable.

As Catholics, we do not believe in “once saved always saved.” We believe we can lose salvation through mortal sin, that mortal wound that Christ talks about – blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. We work out our salvation in (holy) fear and trembling. We run the race, finish with perseverance. “If scarcely the righteous are saved and those who make it are few…” Fire and brimstone have no place, but reality does. And to be a saint is everything to me.

Anyway, if you are praying these days to and for the souls in Church Triumphant (heaven) and Church Suffering (purgatory), thank you. You are praying to and for Michael. And I have offered my own sufferings of these days in thanksgiving for you.

I thought I had nothing to say. Maybe I have too much. So instead of speaking more, I unite my heart to Michael, to where he is, to where I want to be. I follow in the footsteps and seek the pearl of great price, and I worship and grieve in these holy days to come.


PS: check out our epic Halloween costumes, Gosh.




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