About Kristine

Welcome. I’m Kristine. Traditional Catholic. Homeschooling Mom. Widow.

My life story is waiting for my “old lady self in pearls” to write her memoirs but until then here is a bit about who I am.

Cradle Catholic, now a couple years into Traditional Catholicism, homeschooling mom of 4 blondies, failed adoption after late husband’s brain cancer diagnosis, Hawaii lover, Lyme disease warrior, former ballerina/ultra-runner, recent widow of an amazing stock broker/football coach named Michael.

And then fill in the blanks with so much more because our lives don’t fit in a box, do they??

But instead of talking about me, how about I share why I’m even here.

Former blogs/social media were a place to share life and glimpses of faith (although the embers have always been burning to share what was underneath) and then Michael got sick and it was a means to document his treatment/progress with a little bit of the deeper stuff...and then he died.

And I died with him.

I wrote until I had no more left to say and then the Lord called me into myself and my babies, rightly so. After a bit He was nudging me slowly out into the world with my words and, in obedience, I started showing up again.

And I am here. Sharing bits and pieces of our story in the light of the ironically beautiful Way of the Cross. I talk of the humanity of grief and the grace of the eternal, all within my worldview of Traditional Catholicism. And all while keeping it real. I am vulnerable but also very private but that's OK because we’ll all know everything at the Second Judgement anyway...

I am not here to be an influencer, evangelist, to gain followers, or for affirmation or praise. I am here because God asked me to put words to the working of my soul, and because Jesus needs our stories. We are His hands and feet and sometimes little fingers on a keyboard.

Our testimonies are our gifts to the world. I prayerfully consider what I believe needs to be shared, I check what I need to against Scripture and the Magisterium, and I try to point it all back to Him. I am not perfect or infallible and I appreciate all the respect and grace shown as I offer you glimpses of our life, for while I am imbued with heavenly strength, I am still broken with grief and I know the power of words for both good or ill.

I speak mostly of my own journey, and leave Michael’s and my kids’ stories left for them to tell someday. But since our family of 6, whether on this side of the veil or next, is still intertwined, sprinklings of them show up in everything. I just do my best to respect their privacy.

Oh and, lastly, I should tell you my goal in life. Running, racing towards that crown of sainthood and eternal life is where my focus is at. Heaven at all costs. The Narrow Way is what you will find me looking for, for those that find it are few and it takes perseverance until the end.

Seeking and persevering...chasing sainthood.

With all my love, may our stories lead one another along this Narrow Way.

XO, Kristine