A life like God’s

{repost 3/2021}

On the way home from Mass this morning I turned to the kids and said, “hey, did you know that Jesus loves you so much that He made your life so much like His??”

“His Father was not with Him on earth. And then He had the most amazing foster-father in Joseph and then even Joseph died when Jesus was younger. Jesus and Mary were at his bedside and then they had to live without him and so Jesus knows what you are feeling and He chose you to have a journey like His…”

There were other words but today is just so special to me, the feast of St. Joseph. Even before Michael was diagnosed I had a special devotion to him. Both our boys bear his name as their middle. And then Michael got sick and I turned to St. Joseph even more. To help with work and handling life and finding a house and St. Joseph has never, NEVER, denied anything I’ve asked of him.

Granted, heaven’s not a slot machine. But every morning I consecrate myself to Jesus and Mary and Joseph and I ask that he . And I wait for the inspirations of the Holy Ghost on what to ask specifically and it always comes…and I ask…and he answers. Clearly. With abundance.

As a widow, my family’s well being falls square on my shoulders. To guide and protect. To lead and nurture. To provide for. All of it. Yes, I have Simons of Cyrene’s waiting in the wings to help with this cross. But at the end of the day it’s me.

But it’s also not only me. For I have a heavenly court on my side. I have those who walked with Jesus and those who sit at his throne guiding and helping me and the kids.
And to be taken care of by the one who took care of Jesus, to be saved from danger at the last moments, to be nurtured in holiness, to be provided for in all things is a truth that enables me to sleep soundly at night. To never fear or worry. To trust and let my faith be my guide.

So, yes. Our lives look a lot like Our Lord’s in the way we must carry our cross. But it also looks a lot like His in the way we are being watched over.

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